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Skiing and snowboarding in Zakopane
During wintertime, Zakopane becomes a mecca for winter vacationers. Whether you’re a downhill skier, a snowboarder, [...]

10 must-see attractions of Zakopane
Zakopane, the gem of the Tatra mountains, has a unique appeal to its visitors due to [...]

Shopping in Zakopane
After having fun in the snow or hiking in the Tatras, you can relax strolling along [...]

Tourist attractions in the proximity of Zakopane
Zakopane is the most famous mountain resort in the Podhale region. The town attracts tourists and [...]

Spa Hotels and beauty treatments in Zakopane
The term Spa is the abbreviation of the Latin “Sanitas per aqua”, which means “health through [...]

Zakopane weather and average temperature
Poland's climate is influenced by a continental climate from the east and a maritime climate from [...]

Selected Night Clubs of Zakopane
Though tired after hiking, it is a good idea to walk through the streets of Zakopane [...]

Selected Restaurants of Zakopane
Having spent the whole day walking in the town centre, hiking in the Tatras, exploring the [...]

Getting around Zakopane
On foot As Zakopane is a small town, the best idea is to move around on [...]

Getting to Zakopane
 By air Unfortunately, Zakopane has no airport, thus, the only way of getting here by plane [...]

Highlanders Culture in Brief
The ethnical group inhabiting the highland area between the Tatra Mountains (in the south) and the [...]

Zakopane - Ideal Place for Hiking
Zakopane, picturesquely situated at the foot of the Tatra Mountains, attracts visitors not only in winter [...]

Zakopane - Winter Capital of Poland
Skiing has been practised here for over a hundred years, making Zakopane also known as the [...]

Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer- Talented Poet of the Tatra Mountains
Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer (1865 – 1940) was a Polish poet, journalist, novelist and playwright.He was also the [...]

Wladyslaw Hasior - Controversial Artist of the Podhale Region
Wladyslaw Hasior (1928 – 1999) was a modern Polish sculptor, stage designer, painter, poet, critic, moralist [...]

Stanislaw Marusarz - Talented Skier from Zakopane
Stanislaw Marusarz (1913 – 1993) was a Polish nordic skier often also regarded as one of [...]

Tytus Chalubinski - King of the Tatra Mountains
Tytus Chalubinski (1820 – 1889) was a Polish doctor, who came to Zakopane from Warsaw. The [...]

Stanislaw Witkiewicz - Artist and Architect of Zakopane
Stanislaw Witkiewicz (1851 – 1915) was a Polish painter, architect, art theoretician and writer. However, he [...]

Kornel Makuszynski - Children Writer
Kornel Makuszynski (1884 – 1935) was a writer of books for children and the youth. Each [...]

Karol Szymanowski - World-Famous Composer
Karol Szymanowski (1882 - 1937), the world-famous composer and pianist, born in Tymoszowka, in the present-day [...]

Sabala - Legendary Story-Teller
Sabala (1809- 1894) is one of the most fascinating personalities of the Podhale region known not [...]

History of Zakopane
Though the first settlements in the region of Podhale came into being in the middle of [...]

Slovak Tatras in a Nutshell
While in Zakopane, it is a good idea to go on a trip to Slovakia. As [...]

Old Graveyard - Must on Tour of Zakopane
Cmentarz na Peksowym Brzyzku (The ''Peksowy Brzyzek'' Cemetery) is situated in Koscieliska Street. Its name is [...]

Dunajec River Raft Trip
Taking a raft trip through the Pieniny Gorge is a unique and unforgettable experience, thus, worth [...]

Stunning Beauty of the Koscieliska Valley
The nearly nine-kilometre long Koscieliska Valley is one of the most beautiful and well-known valleys of [...]

A Walking Tour of the Chocholowska Valley
The Chocholowska Valley, covering the area of 35 square km, is not only the largest valley [...]

Morskie Oko - Real Marvel of Nature
Morskie Oko (the Eye of the Sea), covering the area of 34.5 ha, is regarded as [...]

Krupowki - Heart of Zakopane
Krupowki is the central, thus, the most representative street of Zakopane. It is also one of [...]

Kasprowy Wierch - Most Famous Peak of Poland
Kasprowy Wierch, lying at the altitude of 1987 metres above sea level, is situated in the [...]

Kalatowki - Skiing, Jazz and Contemplation Centre
Kalatowki, named after the original owners of the grounds, is one of the clearings of the [...]

Gubalowka - Most Popular Hill of Zakopane
Gubalowka, the tiny settlement situated on the top of the hill, rises at the altitude of [...]

Giewont - Highlanders Sacred Mountain
Of all the Tatra summits, Giewont (1894 m) appears to be most popular with both tourists [...]

Polish Tatras in Brief
The Tatra Mountains, covering the area of about 750 square kilometres, are the highest part of [...]

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